What is Homeopathy?

The Father of Homeopathy, Samuel Fredrick Hahnemann saw the inadequacy of allopathy in treating chronic diseases two hundred years ago. He was himself a famous allopath – an M.D. Born in 1755, a time when there were a few M.D.’s. During his practice as a physician, he learnt that allopathy could cure patients temporarily. He noticed the recurrent behaviour of diseases. It was during his research that he gave birth to a new field of medical science – namely - Homeopathy. The new field became so popular, reasonable and appealing that many known doctors left allopathy and became disciples of homeopathy. Countries such as Germany, Britain and America carried the discipline ahead. Whatever homeopathy is today is a contribution of those allopath doctors who left their profession and devoted their entire life to homeopathy for the welfare of mankind.Homeopathy is entirely different from allopathy and other field of medical sciences. Let us study the discipline in short:

1. First law of Homeopathy - the matter that causes a disease holds the roots of cure in it too. It is called the SIMILIA law.

2. Based on the SIMILIA law, a disease can be fully treated. The same matter is not given in crude form but rather potentised so that its latent power can be activated. The potentised matter becomes effective enough to treat an ailment which occurred because of this very matter. The matter in its crude form is always passive or inert in nature; and when it is potentised, it magically becomes the cure for treating various ailments. It, thus, resembles an atom. The way an atom remains deprived of any energy till it is broken, the same way the matter needs to be potentised so it holds immense amount of energy.

3. This potentised medicine becomes so strong that it eradicates the disease from its roots. The wonder is that it cures the disease in a few days and has long term effects. The patient does not require taking the medicine time and again.

4. The main cause of the diseases is the weakening of the vital force that nourishes human body and soul. The stronger the vital force, the less susceptible we will be to germs and viruses. Homeopathy helps keep the vital force stronger. The moment it turns stronger, the disease disappears. We can say that homeopathy makes the immune system strong.

5. This is the precise reason homeopathy does not cause any side effects. Once cured, the disease does not recur.

6. Homeopathy not only cures the physical ailment but also provides mental health. The patient starts getting healthy due to better mental health. Homeopathy thus affects both body and mind; not only affecting and treating the concerned ailment but also many others that might be harming the body.

7. Homeopathy first works at the mental/subtle level and then heals the gross level whereas allopathy works on the physical level only. As we know our body is mixture of both gross as well as subtle. The body is gross whereas the mind/thought is subtle. Mind and thoughts make us healthy or ailing. In allopathy the mind does not hold any value/significance. Allopathy would give the same medicine to everyone suffering from fever irrespective of their frame of mind/approach but in homeopathy the medicine is given considering the frame of mind of the patient. That is the reason homeopathy does not have a specific medicine for any particular ailment and probably that is its weakness. The positive however is that the patient is given the medicine after a detailed examination of all his symptoms. The medicine is given only once or twice. This cures the patient in a few days, and the effect is permanent. Age old ailments have been treated permanently within months with the help of homeopathy. Some hereditary ailments, which other fields of medicines could not treat successfully, have also been treated successfully with the help of homeopathy. Allopathy, for example, has been partially successful in the treatment of skin diseases. The skin diseases keep recurring but to eradicate them from root one should start homeopathy.

8. You will be surprised to know that in case of an injury one does not require anti-Tetanus injection in homeopathy. Only one or two doses of homeopathy reduce the chances of Tetanus. An old injury in the head can cause various mental altercations – homeopathy has excellent remedy for the head injuries. Homeopathy is full of such miracles!

9. Allopathy does medical tests on animals (rats-pigs et al.) but homeopathy performs tests on healthy humans so that the effects on body and mind can be traced. The patient is given the medicine accordingly. Homeopathy is never given by looking at the name of the disease but only the symptoms.

10. Homeopathy is not essentially related to the physiology but with the inner powers. Whatever we see on the physical body has the indelible impression of the subtle energy. Whatever happens at physical level has its origin at mental levels. According to homeopathy physical body has an unending vital life force. Birth of a disease does not take place in the physical being but in life force. Only subtle can cure the subtle. The homeopathy medicine is so subtle that there is no element of gross in it.